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Return to Competition

Good Evening

Please see below information on Licencing reopening. Initially for Level 4 Single clubs. You can apply from 27th April with meets not starting until after 17th May 2021. Licencing remains closed for other levels until 1st June 2021.

Please note all dates must be agreed with your County Coordinator for meets L1-3 before . . . → Read More: Return to Competition

Great News on Swindon Health Hydro

Great News on Swindon Health Hydro

The Friends of Swindon Health Hydro – newsletter no.2 March2021 (1)

Minutes of Education & Development meeting, 3.2.21

Minutes of Education & Development meeting:

Ed DevMinFeb21


Keith Chapman

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Keith Chapman, President of Wilts County ASA in 1986 and Club Coach of Malmesbury Marlins on Monday 28 December 2020.

Our deepest sympathies and thoughts are with Keith’s family at this time.

The following obituary has been passed . . . → Read More: Keith Chapman

Wilts AGM Minutes 2020

Minutes from the meeting as follows:

AGM Minutes 2020 V5

Executive Management Minutes – October 2020

Approved Minutes from October Meeting:

Executive management via zoom 15th Oct 2020m V3

Julia Airlie

Sad news from Iain Airlie, as well as Corsham club Julia was very active with the County and the Region and officiating at events at all levels.

Iains letter.

It is not easy to know how to send this information, but I regret to have to inform you that my mother, Julia Airlie, lost her . . . → Read More: Julia Airlie

July Newsletter

Issue 41 – July 2020 Welcome to the South West Region Newsletter

Within this you will find news and information on an array of areas relating to aquatics in the South West. We would like this newsletter to be useful and relevant to your club. If you have anything you would like in future issues please send . . . → Read More: July Newsletter

To clarify the statement circulated previously regarding open water swimming:

To clarify the statement we circulated previously regarding open water swimming:

 ‘In addition to the above, we understand all clubs have received an email from – Jason Tait is the name of the person concerned and this is nothing at all to do with Swim England South West Region.’

 We did not intend to cast any . . . → Read More: To clarify the statement circulated previously regarding open water swimming:

Return to Training declaration document

There have been some updates to the RTT document and I am now attaching the updates and the new Return to Training declaration document.

Changes –

Slide 5 – formatting of diagram

Slide 9 – added as numbers rather than bullets

Slide 10 – Supporting resources amended – Declaration / Thought Starters now referenced

Slide . . . → Read More: Return to Training declaration document