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General County Competitions



 1. The competition shall be open to all affiliated clubs in Wilts County ASA.

2. The Trophy shall be awarded to the club whose members gain the highest number of ASA. Awards between 1 January and 31 December expressed as a percentage of the total club membership.

3. Only the first receipt of any particular award shall count, but members may take more than one different award in any one year.

4. Clubs shall forward to the Hon. Competition Secretary by 1st April for presentation at the AGM in May, a list of all awards gained, together with a signed statement by the club Subscriptions Secretary as to total membership.

5. Points:-Challenge 1: 1/2 point; Challenge 2 : 1 point; Bronze Challenge: 2 points; Silver Challenge: 3 points; Gold Challenge: 4 points; Honours Challenge: 5 points. Level 1: 2 points; Level 2: 4 points. Preliminary Competitive Start: 5 points; Competitive Start: 8 points.

Competition swimming performance (any distance):- bronze: 1 point; silver: 2 points; gold: 3 points; platinum: 6 points; merit: 6 points; advanced: 6 points.



1. Rules 1-4 of ASA Awards Competition shall apply.

2. Points:-Life Saving One: 1/2 point; Life Saving Two: 1 point; Life Saving Three: 2 points; A.S.A./R.L.S.S. Joint Award : 6 points; Bronze medallion: 7 points; National Pool Lifeguard Qualification: 8 points; Rookie Lifeguard; Level 1: 1/2 point; Level 2: 1 point; Level 3: 3 points; Level 4: 5 points.



1. Rules 1-4 of ASA Awards Competition shall apply.

2. Points: Club Helpers — 2 points; Level 1 (any discipline)— 6 points; Level 2 (any discipline)— 12 points; Lane Coaches— 4 points; Level 3 (any discipline)–18 points..


1. The Competition shall be open to all affiliated clubs in Wilts County ASA.

2. The competition is only open to club members who, on the 1 October were lower than National Teaching Plan Level 6.

3. The Trophy will awarded to the Club with the highest number of Certificates awarded between 1 October and 30 September each year expressed as a percentage of the total club membership on 31 August.

4. Clubs should forward their entry to the Hon Competition Secretary by the Saturday following the October Executive Meeting, and the trophy will be presented at the A.G.M.

5. Points from NTP awards:- Stage 1— 1 point; Stage 2– 2 points; Stage 3— 3 points; Stage 4– 4 points; Stage 5–5 points.


1. The competition shall be open to all affiliated clubs in Wilts County A.S.A.

2. Proposals, covering the period 1st January to 10 December, shall be sent to the Hon. Competition Secretary by 20 DECEMBER.

3. The list of proposals shall be circulated to the officers of the Association and Secretaries of Standing Subcommittees who shall vote.

4. Votes on official slips shall be brought to the Executive and handed to the elected tellers. In the event of a draw the President shall have the casting vote.

5. The trophy shall be awarded at the January Executive.

6. The following points shall be considered.

(a) Achievements in Championships and Competitions in Swimming, Water Polo, Synchronised Swimming,

Diving and Life Saving. Achievements shall only be considered if made by swimmers eligible to compete

in Wilts County Championships and who were representing their Wiltshire club or, through them, representative teams.

(b) Organisation and hospitality of club.

(c) Size and age of club.

(d) Participation in County affairs – galas, clinics, courses etc.

(e) Help given by delegates and officials.


1. Conditions 2-6(a) of the Club of the Year shall apply.

2. The following points shall be considered 🙁

(a) Ability and achievements at County, District, National and International events.

(b) Awards Gained.

(c) Age in relation to success.

(d) Personality.