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Officials Availability for 2020 County Champs.

Officials Training

Please be aware that candidates currently enrolled on Judge 1 training courses need to have completed training and passed assessment by 30th June 2020
Those who have not achieved this will have to recommence training on the new online training courses coming into operation in early 2020
Please make all candidates from your Club aware of the above 
This is a dictate from Swim England and there will be no exceptions

Wilts Leagues – Referees Sheet

 Officials DQ sheet

Moonraker Leagues:


Regional Officials:


Fina Updates:

Following the publication of the FINA Swimming Rules for 2017-2021, the British Swimming – Swimming Officials Group have produced the attached summary of the rule changes. The implementation date of these changes for British Swimming and Home Country events will be Monday 2nd October 2017.

It is still a requirement for any official wishing to re-licence to have attended a FINA Rules Update presentation during the 4 year term of their licence in order to satisfy Mandatory Element 6 and details of these will be published/circulated by your local coordinators.

The full version of the new rules for all disciplines, including an explanation of the changes and associated interpretations for swimming, can be found at

An updated swimming disqualification report will be made available in due course but it should be noted that the reverse side is intended as an aide memoir only and is not intended to replace a thorough knowledge of the rules in force at the time of the report.