Dorothy K. Rice Award


The income for this award arises out of a gift to the Association by Miss Dorothy K. Rice, herself a recipient of the Swim England (ASA) Alfred H. Turner award in 1982. The terms of the award are:

1. The Award, which takes the form of a framed certificate, shall be presented at the Association’s AGM, to the individual considered by the Executive Committee, to have rendered exceptional service to the Wiltshire Swimming Association in particular and swimming in general.

2. In selecting nominees for this award, consideration shall be given to the following principles:

(a) Emphasis on the importance of swimming for improving health, recreation, competition and the saving of life.

(b) Efforts which stimulate the interest on the part of Local Government, communities, institutions, and schools to provide suitable facilities to further the purposes of swimming as an essential activity.

(c) Stimulation of interest in providing qualified swimming instruction in clubs, schools, and in the community.

(d) Outstanding achievement in competition or administration.

3. The administration of the award shall be in the hands of the Executive Committee of the Association who shall ensure that the principles of the award are strictly adhered to, by retaining the right to withhold it in any year if it is considered appropriate.

4. Suitable nominations for the award shall be submitted to the County Secretary in writing, duly proposed and seconded, at least 56 days prior to the AGM. In making such a nomination, a detailed citation shall be submitted in support. The County Secretary shall circulate such nominations with the agenda for Executive meeting prior to the AGM. If more than one nomination is received then the procedure detailed in County Constitution 6(j) shall be adopted.



1989 D.R.YEOMAN 1992 B.J.L.HEY 1997 I. MARTIN
2004 Mrs M.EVANS 2007 P.H.DUDLEY