2024 Championships and Age Groups.

Please find the link below for the Wiltshire Consideration Times for the Wiltshire Championship and Age Group Competitions in 2024.

Consideration Times :  Wilts County 2024 QT’s   updated – 11.11.23

should the competition be oversubscribed scratches of swimmers may apply.

Please ensure your swimmers and parents understand this process.

Entry Pack: Wilts Champs Entry Pack 2024 

There are three Hy-Tek entry files, these need to be imported into a programme to access them.

Hy-Tek Team Manager 8 Lite e-entry can be downloaded from:

Sports Software, Swimming Software, USA Swimming Software from HY-TEK (

Entry files can also be imported into:

  • Team Unify,
  • Swim Club Manager,
  • Swim Manger and the other online based entry programmes.

Age Group (10-13 years) – Meet Events-Wilts County Age Groups 2024-13Jan2024-001

Championships and age groups (14 and over) – Meet Events-Wilts Championships 2024-21Jan2024-001

Long Distance (all ages 11+) – Meet Events-Wilts Long Distance 2024-17Feb2024-001

Sessions at a glance:

Wilts 2024 Sessions Issue 2