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2020 Championships and Age Groups.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year and are ready for 2020.
Just to introduce myself, my name is Lisa and I have taken over as Deck Manager for the Counties. So please bear with me 🙂
For your information, here are some details for Counties 2020.
Age Groups and Championships – Tickets
Our numbers are very borderline on seating due to some seating at the Link Centre being out of commission,  so after discussion with Diane we have agreed to try the Age Groups without proportional seating. This will only work if we work with ONE spectator per family, and also assuming that some parents will either be officiating or will be doing other jobs.  IT WILL ALSO ONLY WORK IF THIS MESSAGE IS PASSED ON TO THE PARENTS. There will only be 125 seats available per session at the Age Groups. We will be selling tickets for each session ( no all day tickets available as it makes it impossible to monitor how many seats have gone) Once those tickets have been sold there will be no more admissions.
The Championships this year is very busy and with high numbers of swimmers and less seating, we will have to use proportional seating for sessions 8, 12 & 13. (all other sessions will run as above).
I will send out more information on the purchase and allocation of tickets next week.
Job allocation document is for the whole of the counties, if there are any problems please email me.
Coaches Passes
These will be available in office in club envelope. Please provide your own lanyards.
Tigersharks  – 3 (4 Champs)
S.Dolphin –  3 (2 Champs)
Salisbury – 2 (both)
Trowbridge – 2 (both)
Calne Alpha – 2 (both)
Bradford –  2 (both)
Marlborough –  2 (both)
R.Wootton Bassett –  2 (both)
Warminster –  2 (both)
Durrington –  1 (both)
Swindon –  2 (both)
Chippenham –  2 (both)
Corsham –  2 (both)
Melksham –  2 (both)
Wroughton – 1 (both)
Westbury – 1 Champs
Melksham –  2 (both)
South Wilts -1 Champs
Kind Regards
Lisa Osman

Session Timings:

Qualifying Times:


We are not supplying printed programme’s, they will be  made available for you to print yourself, this way we are not left with  unused copies (good for the planet), we are hoping to make limited numbers of session heat sheets available on the day.

warm up schedules: