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Sub Committees

Emergency Committee:


PAUL ROBBINS. res. Chairman

Finance Committee:

Officers, plus Richard Moorhouse, MP.DEMETRI R Moore A. Christmas

Hon.Sec. GRAHAM REEVE, Tel.01793 637279

Coaches Committee:

Officers, plus  representatives per club and the County delegate to the Regional Coaches Committee.

Hon.Sec. Mrs L LEFFERS, Tel. 07707 470100

Competition Committee:

Officers, plus one delegate from each club, together with the Diving, Leagues, Swimming,

 Open Water, Synchronised Swimming and Masters Committee Secretaries and

the Hon. Officials Secretary

Development and Performance Planning Committee:

Officers, plus Hon. Secretaries of sub-committees as listed at Rule 7.d.1.

Elected members; Mrs J.HART, R Squire, R Moore ,

M Corben

Hon.Sec. Mrs S.P.YEOMAN, Tel.01793 643760

Diving Committee:


AMY COWLEY, Luke Oliver

Hon.Sec. Miss M. SWEETMAN, Tel.01225 754142

Education and Development Committee:


WASP Swimming Development Officer plus one from each network.

Hon.Sec. Mrs J.AIRLIE

Event Management Committee:

Officers, plus Hon.Secs. of sub-committees as listed at Rule 7.f.1

Inter-County Competitions and Selection;

Officers, plus Hon.Secs. of sub-committees as listed at Rule 7.e.1

Plus; Mrs M.EVANS, A.HIGGINS, R Squire

Masters Committee:

Officers, plus;

D.CROWLEY, C Vaugham

Hon.Sec. Miss R Squire (Smith)

Moonraker Swimming Leagues Committee:

Officers, the League Officials Secretary plus one representative from each club.

Winter League Hon.Sec. R.W.HART, Tel.01793 495635

Summer League Hon.Sec. Mrs D.LEE, Tel: 01793 873128


Officials Panel Committee:

Officers, plus P.ROBBINS, M Robson, T.STRATFORD, A.Ryczanouski

and Summer and Winter League secretary

Hon. Sec. D. JONES, 01793 823493

Officials Organiser, R MOORHOUSE,

Regional Representative: P ROBBINS

Open Water Committee

Officers, plus Jason Tait, Easter Levin

Hon. Sec. Mrs B. GOOD, 01225 350269

Swimming Committee:

Officers, plus Hon. Secretaries of Committees as listed in Rules 7.c to 7.k plus Regional and ASA Swimming Committee delegates.

Hon. Sec. Mrs M. EVANS, Tel.01249 816587

Synchronised Swimming Committee:

Hon. Sec. Mrs J.PITFIELD, SN15 4BG 01249 720023

Water Polo Committee:

Cathy Dennis