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Return to Training declaration document

There have been some updates to the RTT document and I am now attaching the updates and the new Return to Training declaration document.

Changes –

Slide 5 – formatting of diagram

Slide 9 – added as numbers rather than bullets

Slide 10 – Supporting resources amended – Declaration / Thought Starters now referenced

Slide 17 – British Swimming learnings – changed design

Updates into the Club Guidance will be added very soon.

Can I also highlight a new resource (attached and on the supporting resources hub) – Return to Training – Declaration.

A club by matter of course should always keep attendance records of those at sessions, but this Declaration allows 1 signature to be signed at the Return to Training and prevents the club from needing to get athletes to sign a statement / register at every session Re: C19 symptoms. – But they still need to maintain a record of attendance.

For any clubs that have suggestions or improved ways of clubs Returning to Training, please do get in touch, listening to those at the coal face is really important.

These details are being circulated on behalf of Jon Keating the Club Development Director for Swim England.

Kind regards


Chris Vickery (Mrs)
Office Co-Ordinator
Events Officer
T 01823 666792


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