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Swim England Swimming Leadership Group Announcement

As you are probably aware, on Wednesday 27th May Swim England issued a statement cancelling all national events scheduled to take place in latter part of 2020.

In respect of swimming, this included the Swim England National Winter Championships, traditionally the culmination of the domestic short course swimming season. Last week, FINA also announced that the 15th World Swimming Championships (25m) would take place one year later than planned, in December 2021.

It is somewhat superfluous to state that all of the above actions are responses to the uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

In light of the above information, the Swim England Swimming Leadership Group considers that it will be neither possible nor practical to stage regional swimming championships in early November of this year. After very careful consideration, the group has determined that regional short course championships will not take place in 2020.

The group has also decided that no competition licences will be issued at levels one or two for the remainder of 2020. Meets that have already been granted licences for forthcoming events in 2020 at levels one and two will have the option to be downgraded to level three or four in the first instance.

Swim England will be writing to the limited number of promoters whose meets fall in to this category to inform them of this change.

Notwithstanding the above information, it should be kept in mind that licensing at all levels remains suspended until further notice, with all currently issued licences being provisional in status. The Swim England Swimming Leadership Group will issue a timeline for the resumption of competition, licensed or otherwise, including Masters, once appropriate information is known. The group has adopted this stance, rather than suspending all competition until an arbitrary date, as its members are keen to see the competitive element of our sport return as soon as it is safe and reasonably practicable to do so.

Thank you for your ongoing support during this difficult time.  If you have any queries, please email

Sent on behalf of the Swim England Swimming Leadership Group



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