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Youth Sport Nutrition – Important Please read

All Regions

It has come to our attention that a new emerging company called Youth Sport Nutrition are offering to come and talk to Regions and clubs.  Whilst they promote a food first approach and offer nutritional advice they also sell protein shakes and we are aware that they have offered discounts to parents for such products.

 We follow British Swimming and UK Anti-Doping guidance and any nutritional guidance should be consistent with those messages, particularly for the age group the company are targeting.  Any requests to come along to your events should be declined.  If they wish to present on food and nutritional guidance only then that should be submitted to the appropriate talent lead for the discipline concerned to ensure a consistent message is adopted.   We note that the protein shake product is batch tested by Informed Sport but there are no guarantees that any supplement product is free from prohibited substances as cross contamination can occur in the manufacturing process.

 There is also the risk that as the company grows its business through our sport that it appears to parents and the wider public that the company and its products are being endorsed or recommended by Swim England and that is not the case.  We have no product endorsement agreement in place with this company.  

Best wishes


Jane M Nickerson
Chief Executive Officer
M 07771 814 302


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